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L. I. Sene
I have been described as a real sweet guy. I love to read, especially older science fiction about futuristic societies. I also write sometimes when IM not lazy. I have lots of stuff going on in my life. I am underappreciated and lonely (aren't we all). I have only voted once in my live cause my uncle was running and my mom made me.

I have a daughter, she is the coolest and very smart and a great musician.

I like big boobs. Yummy. I love all my pals in the politics forum cause they are so damned funny! They all want to save the world but can't accept that people WANT to destroy themselves. Don't ask me why. Anyhow, they seem to really like me and respond to my posts regularly. I am a poet too.

Well, nice to see ya...if you are reading this ...shit you are bored!!

Current Residence: The edge of Uranus
Favourite style of art: impressionism
Favourite cartoon character: Space Sentinels
Personal Quote: I never worry cause I have to much on my mind

looking out the window wasn't enough.  She walked among the falling leaves with a new found appreciation

of Mother nature and the sun.  There had been far to many cold days. The warmth and light were more

than a welcome relief.  She noticed something odd, a man stood at the old well.  He well dressed in some

old fashioned garb.  Lois smiled at his clothes but she wondered who he was and what was he doing?

Hello he said...   She nodded and replied in kind.....Im just looking at the old well, lots of memories here

for me.

He continued,....many years ago.  Even then this old well was ancient and not in use.  I had a baby boy, he

was deformed and very sick.  He needed constant care.  My wife had a nervous breakdown and I had to

send her away.  My life was never the same after that.  One day I brought Jerrold here and threw him in

the well.  It was as if a madness had taken hold of me...I just wanted him to go away.  Three days later,

after drinking a gallon of whiskey, I blew my brains out.  Then he simply vanished in front of Lois's eyes.



She had a difficult time sleeping that night. She lived alone with only her dogs and a cat.  Her husband

had left her almost a year before.  Winter had brought all the old pain back and now she felt she must

be mad.  Ghosts were not real.  The next day it was a little cooler but still very sunny.  She walked

again but avoided the old well.  She strolled down  by the creek.  She paused for a moment to look at

her still youthful reflection in the clear water of the stream.  I'm beautiful she was ironic

her husband had turned out to be gay and was whisked away by his best friend.  She thought about

sex and how wonderful it might be to do it right here beside the warmer weather of course,

and without to many mosquitos around.  She smiled again but it was a sad lonely smile.

She glanced across the stream and there he stood, the handsome man that had called himself a ghost.

You're not mad, aren't I?   Yes, he replied.


She put her head in her hands and sobbed, Lois had never felt so desperate.  Don't cry...the voice

said.  He was still there.  I'm musn't talk with you, I don't like being mad...

Oh,its alright, Im a bit lonely too...Ive been here for decades and you are the first person that ever

noticed must be special.


Why don't you come back tomorrow when you're feeling better.  I will be right here, we can chat to each

other from opposite sides of the stream, that way you won't feel lonely and still have no reason to be

afraid because surely I can't hurt you from way over here...ghosts can't cross running water you know.



NO, its just a silly lie I made up but I certainly shall not hurt you.

Lois turned and ran back to the house.  It snowed the very next day and she stayed n all day.  She

barely got out of bed and same thing the next day.  She was miserable. On the third day she went

back out to the stream.  It was bitter cold and he was not there.  She went back inside and cried.


The sun returned and melted most of the snow, Lois spread bread crumbs for the little starving winter

birds. She let her dogs out and fed the cow.  She thought about driving into town but the roads would

surely be a mess.  Thomas had always driven during bad weather, and she'd never learned. There

was so much she had never learned.  She had never been so lonely.  Surely she had committed some

great sin to be so lonely and filled with pain.  She wished that they'd had a child...somehow they had

never quite gotten around to it.  Now she knew why.

Then she saw him again.  He was standing in her back yard, looking towards the house. She felt chilled

to the bone but something compelled her to talk to him.  What are you looking for, she asked?


Ah,there you are...I'm not a monster you know, just a lonely spirit.  I can even feel the cold.  Lois

stopped herself just in time from inviting him in.  He seemed so real.  She decided someone was

playing a cruel joke on her.  Who are you really, there are no such things as ghosts.  She blinked

and he was gone.  Then a voice beside her said...I'm here now.


She whirled about and he was just beside her.  You are a ghost!  What do you want?

I think I should ask what do you want?  There must be a reason that you can see me....?

My mind created you...I must have a fever...I am sick.

No, I don't believe you are sick.   Shall we shake hands.  He extended his, and his smile was very

warm and genuine.  She took his hand and felt nothing but a queer warm breeze passing up her

arm.  Its the best I can do Lois.

How do you know my name?  The ghost looked puzzled for a moment before replying...I suppose I have

always known your name is Kurt by the way, Kurt Strong.


They had a fairly long conversation.  She decided they were kindred souls...both mad and lonely.  Of

course he was a child killer.  But he seemed anything but.  That night she sipped her coffee and

wondered if she would ever see him again.  She decided she wanted to...what else did she have...nothing.

Talking to a ghost in a lonely house in the forest did seem half as weird as it had the day before.  Strange

how things could change like that.  She was not afraid but he seemed so sad.  Perhaps his conscience

was stopping him from passing on to his next stop on the never ending journey.  She didn't have the

answers but she drank coffee and petted her kitten and wondered about a great many things.


The next morning Lois ate her eggs and bacon.  She finally decided to head into town.  The roads were

not to terrible, she drove slow and listened to her favorite David Bowie CD.  The ghost reminded her of

Bowie....he was so thin and pale and his eyes were so piercing.  Of course the ghost had eyes that matched

in color unlike Bowie.  Like a leper messiah...the cd blared.  She loved that one. 


Wal Mart was very crowed but no one took especial notice of her beside one or two horny guys.  That made

her smile.  She wished she had the courage to go up- to one and offer him some pussy.  She giggled, that

would be something, especially in THIS town!  Instead she bought some groceries and a couple of movies

and headed over to Taco Bell.  After cramming four tacos into her face she got gas, a paper, and with a

sigh, started for home.  Her dogs were glad to see her and the cat purred.  She curled up on the couch,

had a little wine and watched the movies until she fell asleep.  She dreamed about the ghost, he was in

a speedo on the beach.  His chest was wide and hairy and she noticed he had a chipped tooth in front.

It made his look sexy.  He also wore an earring in his right ear.  It was a tiny miniature of a naked mermaid.

It made her giggle so hard she woke herself.  Lois went to the bathroom, took another long sip of wine

and slept well through the long winter night.  There were no more dreams however.


Two weeks passed before she saw the ghost again.  He was sitting on her back porch smoking a cigarette.

I would offer you one if I could he said.   She sat down fairly close.  You don't have an earring she said.

Of course not...Ive been dead fifty years you know...we didn't do much of that back then, and mostly sailors

got tattoos.  Lois giggled, his smile was gorgeous.  I can't believe I am talking to a ghost...where have you

been for so long?  Oh, a bit depressed, visiting you takes a lot out of me you know...I must rest afterwards...

don't ask me why.

Maybe you should stop smoking, Lois offered.   Yes, these things will kill me someday.

Lois giggled, this was al so insane it made her giddy.  However, she didn't  feel lonely in the least.  It was

refreshing.  She sat with her legs crossed and studied him.  It was her first chance to look him over at

close range.  He was handsome but not pretty.  That was good.  His hands were large and powerful.  She

wondered what kind of lover he had been when alive.  I bet you kept you wife happy n the sack Kurt.

Kurt's blue eyes widened...she seemed to enjoy our nights together.  Shes dead now, and buried in a little

country graveyard a mile or so from here.  I go there a lot...I doubt I shall ever get to join her though.

My sins keep me here...Hell if only for the sane I suppose.

I wish you'd had a better life...

Yes, a better least a better after life...yet now Im here with you and its all quite pleasant...Lois.

Lois smiled.  Yes it is rather...


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You are a habitual racist. How you arrive at the confounding conclusions is not beyond me, we've had many like you over the centuries. My guess is too much Fox News and not enough true investigation. May I add that it was cowardly of you to close your thread.
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"You are a habitual racist"- you use obscene duragatory and offensive language with out realizing it.
"How you arrive at these* confounding conclusions is not beyond me"-I fully understand where your hate and fear come from.
/",we've had many like you over the centuries"- history is full of assholes.
" My guess is too much Fox News and not enough true investigation"-
I have made the assumption the the media, along with your own lack of intelligence is the reason for your current mental deficiencies. 

I called him out 'cause this waste of flesh said blacks are the reason the U.S has any/all economic problems, and his supporting arguments consisted of un-sited work. ( meaning he had no proof just opinion).
the arguments in question, went along the lines of, only blacks use well-fare;we only help African nations and because we're helping them we have homeless problems, all African Americans do is drugs and yada yada yada hate crime,racism, kkk hiel hittler....

Then when I said:
"our economics are our governments fault" and proved it, said: "whites use well-fare and snap in greater percentage", and proved it. Then listed the European nations we've given billions too, and bush trying to sell our sea ports to a middle eastern country( Saudi Arabia I think?) and proved it.

Then this coward tried to pull the free speech card, upon which time I told him:
"you can speak all you want, however this is an open forum and typing is usually the preferred medium. I'll be glad to have an intelligent debate, however you cannot assert hate, and act as if everyone is ignorant; then tell the very same race of people that your beguiling into hating themselves, thats just the way it is,

written in stone?
Without  conversation, without debate, without conscious, you hate.
free speech should be given to everyone, but you posted a question, and then told everyone answering it,they were wrong. Asked for help then said fuck off I'm a POS.

Defend him if yah want buddy, I'm not after him. Or her. Or it.
I saw a cowardly troll who doesn't believe what they say,trying to hurt people. A coward who spreads hate is what a person like me is just waiting for. Because in proving his racist banter to be bullshit, I might have convinced someone their worth a damn. I might have saved a life. This CHILD, who wrote those things, could very well be black, and just wanted to get some attention.  If attention causes a little girl, or even a grown man, to doubt, or dislike themselves in anyway, it only effect regardless of intent, is to hurt. 

So in short,after this 15 minute essay,

I say, have a wonderful evening, I wish the world peace, 
racism, anti-semitism, and any unjust hatred; is more of a reason to fight then all the money, fancy objects, and land in the world. 
And as an American I will fight 
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